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Aland Islands Flag

About Aland Islands Flag

Aland, an autonomous Finnish archipelago, got its official flag in 1954. It is raised during sporting events in addition to national celebrations. Yacht clubs on the islands fly the swallow-tailed form of the flag. The nation’s capital, Mariehamn, raised the flag for the first time on April 3, 1954.

Historical Background

The Åland Islands have a complex history, with influences from both Sweden and Finland. The region was granted autonomous status in 1921, and soon after, the Aland Islands flag was adopted to reflect the distinct identity of the archipelago.

The flag has three colors: blue, yellow, and red, all of which are borrowed from the Sweden and Finland country flags.

Official Name: Aland Islands
Proportion: 17:26
Adopted on: 1954
Location of the country: Baltic Sea
Capital City: Mariehamn
Major Cities: Hammarland, Lemland, Saltvik, Brando
Area: 5,219 square miles
Population: 30,100
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Official Language: Swedish
National Anthem: Alänningens sang