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Alderney Flag


About Flag of Alderney

One of the Channel Islands and a royal dependency of Britain is Alderney. The flag is white with a red cross in the middle, which is surrounded by a golden lion standing in a green circle. Its length to breadth ratio is 1:2.

Red and white combine to represent power and courage in the Flag of Alderney, while white stands for integrity and peace.

The lion in the flag’s centre strikes the viewer as hostile and bears a “Guernsey sprig” and a crown on its head. The lion represents the Alderney Island coat of arms. The coat of arms features a lion grasping a sprig on a green background with a golden border.

Historical Background

Alderney has a rich history, shaped by various influences, including Norse, French, and British. The Alderney flag emerged as a distinct symbol in the 20th century, reflecting the island’s status as a British Crown Dependency.

Official Name: Alderney
Proportion: 1:2
Adopted on: December 20, 1993
Location of the country: Western Europe, islands in the English Channel, northwest of France
Capital City: St. Anne
Area: 3 square miles
Population: 2400
Currency: Pound sterling (GBP)
Official Language: English, Legal French
National Anthem: God save the Queen