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Antarctica Flag

Since Antarctica is not a nation nor is it subject to any kind of government, there is no official flag for it.

The Antarctic Treaty Organisation authorised a flag in 2002, and it is currently being used as the continent’s unofficial ensign. Many other flag designs have been proposed and are being taken into consideration.

The most notable designs are those proposed by Whitney Smith and Graham Bartram.

The United Nations flag serves as the basis for the Graham Bartram design. A plain, white map of Antarctica is displayed on a blue background. The nonalignment of the continent is largely depicted on the map. More info.

Official Name: Antarctica
Area: 5,400,000 square miles
Languages: English, French, Norwegian, Spanish

Facts about Antarctica flag

Country Antarctica
Designed by Graham Bartram ,Whitney Smith
Adopted 2002
Revision 1999
Design and Colors NA
Size Ratio NA