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Arab League Flag

About Flag of Arab League

The seal or emblem of the League of Arab States is shown on the Arab League Flag, which is a green flag. The Arab League’s green flag has a circular with a chain with twenty links.

Each of the twenty members of the Arab League is represented by one of the chain’s twenty links.

Images of a crescent moon with horns pointing upward appear in the centre, and above it is a white text. A white wreath with a ribbon at the base surrounds the circumferential chain all the way around.

The League of Arab States’ seal is located in the middle of a green field on the Arab League flag. The twenty League founding members are commemorated with a wreath that surrounds the seal.

Historical Background

The Arab League flag was officially adopted on March 8, 1945, during the founding conference of the Arab League in Cairo, Egypt. Its design was carefully chosen to reflect the principles and aspirations of the Arab League.

Official Name: League of Arab States
Proportion: 1:2
Adopted on: March 8, 1945
Area: 5,148,048 square miles
Population: 349,870,608
Language: Arabic
Currency: 21 different currencies of each member state

Design and Colors

The flag consists of a horizontal tricolor design with three equally sized stripes. The top stripe is red, the middle stripe is white, and the bottom stripe is black. In the center of the white stripe, there is a golden hawk with its wings spread.

Symbolism of the Arab League Flag

The colors and symbols on the Arab League flag carry significant meaning. The red stripe represents the sacrifices made by Arab people throughout history. The white stripe symbolizes purity, peace, and the aspirations for a better future. The black stripe signifies the struggles and challenges faced by the Arab nations. The golden hawk represents strength, power, and unity. More info


Q1: When was the Arab League flag adopted?

The Arab League flag was officially adopted on March 8, 1945.

Q2: What do the colors on the Arab League flag represent?

The red stripe represents sacrifices, the white stripe symbolizes purity and peace, and the black stripe signifies struggles. The golden hawk represents strength and unity.

Q3: Where is the Arab League flag flown?

The flag is flown at the headquarters of the Arab League and during official events and conferences that promote Arab unity and cooperation.