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Bahamas Flag


About Flag of Bahamas

An equilateral triangle on a black background is shown on the Bahamas flag. Over a horizontal background, it is positioned. Gold and blue are the two primary hues that make up the backdrop. One of the few national flags with a ratio of around 1:2 is the flag of the Bahamas. Major flag colours include gold and aquamarine.

Three flat stripes, two of which are aquamarine and one of which is golden, are used to depict these two hues. The three colour bands are identical in size.

This Caribbean nation’s flag is loaded with symbolism. The force and vitality of the average person who has vowed to maintain their unity is symbolised by the colour black. The triangle is a symbol of the Bahamas’ inhabitants’ mental fortitude and diligence. Gold and aquamarine are the appropriate colours to depict the state’s symbolic sun and sea.

Facts about the Bahamas flag

Country Bahamas
Designed by Dr. Hervis Bain
Adopted Jul 10, 1973
Revision NA
Design and Colors A horizontal triband of aquamarine (top and bottom) and gold with a black chevron based on the hoist side
Size Ratio 1:2
Official Name: Commonwealth of the Bahamas
Proportion: 1:2
Adopted on: July 10, 1973
Location of Bahamas: Atlantic Ocean
Capital City of Bahamas: Nassau
Major Cities in the Bahamas: Freeport, Freetown, West End, Coopers Town
Area: 5,358 square miles
Population: 0.4 million estimate
Currency: Bahamian dollar (BSD)
Language of the Bahamas: English
National Anthem: March On, Bahamaland
National symbol(s): blue marlin, flamingo, Yellow Elder flower
National colors: aquamarine, yellow, black
National anthem:
Name: “March On, Bahamaland!”
lyrics/music: Timothy GIBSON