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Belarus Flag


About Flag of Belarus

The national flag of Belarus is an adaptation of the one flown in 1951 when the nation was a Soviet Union republic.

The Belarusian flag has two horizontal stripes, with the upper stripe being red and the bottom stripe being green. The flag features a white vertical stripe levelled at the hoist with a red decorative motif. The width to length ratio of the flag is 1:2.

The green line represents Belarus’s woods and farms, as well as the future, hope, spring, and renewal. The history of Belarus and the blood poured by citizens to gain freedom are symbolised by the colour red. The ornamental design on the flag represents Belarus’ extensive cultural legacy, spiritual continuity, and national unification.

Facts about the Belarus flag

Country Belarus
Designed by Matrena Markevich- Pattern, designed
Adopted June 7, 1995 (original design with a thinner ornament pattern) February 10, 2012 (current (above) design with a thicker ornament pattern)
Revision NA
Design and Colors A horizontal bicolor of red over the green in a 2:1 ratio, with a red ornamental pattern on a white vertical stripe at the hoist.
Size Ratio 1:2
Official Name: Republic of Belarus
Proportion: 1:2
Adopted on: June 7, 1995
Location of Belarus: Eastern Europe . It is bordered by Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, and Poland.
Capital City of Belarus: Minsk
Major Cities of Belarus: Barysaw, Slutsk, Valozhyn, Salihorsk
Area: 80,155 square miles
The population of Belarus: 9.54 million
Currency: Belarusian ruble (BYR)
Official Languages: Belarusian, Russian
National Anthem: State Anthem of the Republic of Belarus
National symbol(s): no clearly defined current national symbol, the mounted knight known as Pahonia (the Chaser) is the traditional Belarusian symbol
National colors: green, red, white
National anthem:
Name: “My, Bielarusy” (We Belarusians)
Lyrics/Music: Mikhas KLIMKOVICH and Uladzimir KARYZNA/Nester SAKALOUSKI