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Belize Flag

belize flag outline

Facts about Belize flag

Country Belize
Adopted September 21, 1981
Revision 1919, 1950, 1981, Present
Design and Colors a royal blue field with two narrow red stripes along the top and the bottom edges and a large white disk in the center bearing the National Coat of Arms of Belize

Historical Background

The Belizean flag was informally used since 1950 without the top and bottom red lines before being formally approved on September 21, 1981, the day of the country’s independence. In 1907, Belize received its coat of arms.

Design and Colors

The Aruba flag features four equal horizontal stripes of vibrant colors. The top stripe is blue, followed by a red stripe, a white stripe, and a yellow stripe at the bottom. In the upper hoist corner, there are two white, five-pointed stars.


Q1: When was the design of the Aruba flag adopted?

The current design of the Aruba flag was officially adopted on March 18, 1976.

Q2: What do the colors on the Aruba flag represent?

The blue stripe represents the sky and sea, the red line symbolizes love and courage, the white stripe represents purity and tranquility, and the yellow stripe signifies wealth and abundance.

Q3: What do the two stars on the Aruba flag represent?

The two white stars represent the island of Aruba and its connection with the Kingdom of the Netherlands.