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Botswana Flag

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The light blue foundation of the Botswana flag has a black horizontal line running across the centre of it. The colours of the Botswana national flag are the same as those of the country’s coats of arms.

The alternate white and black stripes represent the country’s racial harmony and the liberal nature of society, while the blue represents the ocean. The zebra, Botswana’s national animal, served as the inspiration for the stripes.

The ratio of the stripes is 9:1:4:1:1:9.

Facts about the Botswana flag

Country Botswana
Designed by NA
Adopted September 30, 1966
Revision NA
Design and Colors A light blue field cut horizontally in the centre by a black stripe with a thin white frame.
Size Ratio 2:3
Official Name: The Republic of Botswana
Proportion: 2:3
Adopted on: September 30, 1966
Location: The Republic of Botswana is bordered by South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia
Capital City: Gaborone
Major Cities: Wedra, Tshane, Kahg, Mahalapaye
Area: 224,610 square miles
Population: 2,029,307
Currency: Pula (BWP)
Official Languages: English, Tswana
National Anthem: This Land of Ours
National symbol(s): zebra
National colors: blue, white, black
National anthem:
Name: “Fatshe leno la rona” (Our Land)
Lyrics/Music: Kgalemang Tumedisco MOTSETE