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Canada Flag


The Canadian flag has three vertical red and white stripes, with the right and left stripes being the same width. A red eleven-pointed maple leaf logo is situated in the center of the white center stripe.

The official colors of Canada are red and white, which King George declared to be the nation’s colors in 1921. Red and white were inspired by the Saint George’s Cross and the French royal crest, respectively.

The Canadian national tree is symbolized by the maple leaf in the flag’s center. The Royal Military College of Canada’s flag, often known as the Maple Leaf flag, served as an inspiration for the design of the Canadian flag.

Facts about the Canadian flag

Country Canada
Designed by George F.G. Stanley
Adopted February 15, 1965
Revision 1497, 1621, 1707, 1663, 1763, 1801, 1964, 1965
Design and Colors A vertical bicolor triband of red, white, and red in the ratio 1:2:1, with a red maple leaf charged in the center
Size Ratio 1:2
Official Name: Canada
Proportion: 1:2
Adopted on: February 15, 1965
Location: Canada is bordered by the contiguous United States and Alaska
Capital City: Ottawa
Major Cities: Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, Halifax, Windsor
Area: 3,854,085 square miles
Population: 3.86 crores as 2022 estimate
Currency: Canadian dollar ($) (CAD)
Official Languages: English and French
National Anthem: O Canada
National symbol(s): maple leaf, beaver
National colors: red, white
National anthem:
Name: “O Canada”
Lyrics/Music: Adolphe-Basile ROUTHIER [French], Robert Stanley WEIR [English]/Calixa LAVALLEE