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Flag of Christmas Island

The diagonal green and blue parts represent the island’s and the sea’s vegetation, respectively. The phosphate mines that are present in the area are represented by the golden ring in the ensign’s heart.

In 1986, Christmas Island’s flag was informally adopted. The flag was given to the Christmas Island Shire by Bill Taylor, the territory’s administrator, on Australia Day in 2002, making it official.

Both a civic and state flag or ensign are flown over Christmas Island.

Fact about Christmas Island flag

Country Christmas Island
Designed by N.A
Adopted January 26, 2002
Revision NA
Design and Colors Blue/green diagonal bicolor charged with a southern cross of four seven-pointed white stars and one smaller five-pointed white star on the blue half, a golden bosun bird in gold on the green half, and a gold circle in the center containing the shape of the island in green
Size Ratio 1:2
Official Name: Territory of Christmas Island
Proportion: 1:2
Adopted on: January 26, 2002
Designed by: Tony Couch
Location: Territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean
Capital City: Flying Fish Cove
Major Cities: Silver City, Poon Saan
Area: 52 square miles
Population: 1,402
Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)
Official Language: English
National Anthem: Advance Australia Fair
National symbol(s): golden bosun bird